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Correcting Your Credit - It Can be Done!

Posted by Bethany Dutcher, VP Marketing on Sep 8, 2014 11:45:36 AM

Have you checked your credit report lately? If you have, good for you. If you haven’t, you should. Today. Right now. Just go to It’s free! And if you need help understanding your report, you can contact Accel, Catholic Federal's financial counseling partner. They’ll explain your report and how to fix it, for free.

Its an important document. Your credit report contains a history of how you’ve handled the money you’ve borrowed, either through loans or credit cards. You’re also assigned a credit score  - a number between 300-850 - that reflects how well you’ve handled the money you’ve borrowed. The more responsible you’ve been, the better your score. 

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People Helping People

Posted by Bethany Dutcher, VP Marketing on Aug 14, 2014 12:14:41 PM

Do you know why credit unions were first created?

The idea was pretty simple: have people with a common interest (typically folks working for the same employer) join together to loan each other money. It wasn’t to make money, but simply to help each other out in times of need.

This desire to help people in the community is still at the foundation of our beliefs. From fun and fitness to educational and serious, the credit union strives to impact members in the community in a positive way.

We help by providing both man power and financial resources to a wide variety of events and causes. In fact, in 2013 the credit union donated more than $40,000 to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations thatprovide food, shelter, counseling, and other miscellaneous needs to people in our community. In addition, our staff members have donated hundreds of hours of their time to a number of different groups.

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We're happy you're here. Our blog gives us another way to communicate with you in a fun, relaxed way. Don't worry; we won't be selling you anything. We just want to share a more personal part of ourselves so you can get to know the lighter side of the credit union. Our goal is to improve your financial well-being, we'll also share helpful financial tips and recommendations covering everything from students loans to retirement planning, and dream vacations to budgeting, many from our own personal experiences. After all, we're still people helping people, as we have been for 60 plus years. Now we just have more ways to reach out and help. 

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