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Easy Ways to Find Cash to Stash!

Posted by Bethany Dutcher, VP Marketing on Sep 5, 2014 9:58:00 AM

It’s kind of funny how often you hear financial experts say you need to be saving money - for retirement, an emergency fund, your kids’ college education, a new car, your holiday spending, etc… The list goes on and on. But rarely do you hear them tell you how to find the money you need to contribute to all those things. Is it hiding under the couch cushions? On the floor of your car?

Stress no more! We’ve got some great ideas on how to increase how much you save every month. And we promise, it’s going to be easy!

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We're happy you're here. Our blog gives us another way to communicate with you in a fun, relaxed way. Don't worry; we won't be selling you anything. We just want to share a more personal part of ourselves so you can get to know the lighter side of the credit union. Our goal is to improve your financial well-being, we'll also share helpful financial tips and recommendations covering everything from students loans to retirement planning, and dream vacations to budgeting, many from our own personal experiences. After all, we're still people helping people, as we have been for 60 plus years. Now we just have more ways to reach out and help. 

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